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License activation
Last Updated 4 years ago

The license activation is mandatory before being able to use the software. This step requires a working internet connection. It can be achieved in multiple ways:
  • From the “AckUnity\License Tool” menu
  • From the RAAU connector inspector panel
  • In player mode from the mini-form on the lower-right corner, if you are in the scope of a standalone published application that was made with Unity3D.

In each case, you have to enter your product key and click “activate”. You’ll need Internet connection at the time of the activation and some periodic connections to the Internet for updates.

If you need to use your license on another computer, you can deactivate the software from the same panel and reuse the license key on the other computer. You must keep you license key safe as it will be required to activate the software later if you require it.

Should a problem arise with the activation of the software license, please try to deactivate any firewall or antivirus software that may be running on the computer.

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